Uniform Expectations

The wearing of the Holy Name School Uniform is a mandatory requirement for all students.  Strict adherence to the specifications as set out below is essential. These specifications have been established by the Parents and Friends Association and no variations will be approved unless authorisation is granted by the latter body.

Class teachers are to monitor the children’s wearing of the uniform and contact parents to seek clarification when students are repeatedly out of uniform without permission. If the situation is unable to be resolved then the Principal is to be informed.
  • Uniform is always neat, clean and tidy.
  • School shoes are polished.
  • No nail polish, transfer tattoos or make-up is to be worn at school.
  • A general tidiness in hairstyle (no mohawks / rats tails / colouring) and no fancy hair accessories. All Accessories should be maroon.  Long hair is to be tied back off the face.
  • Sleepers and flat studs only to be worn in pierced ears.
  • All clothing is to be labelled.
  • The wearing of the School hat is compulsory.
  • Necklaces are not permitted.

Children are encouraged to bring a note to explain any variation from the school uniform.

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