In addition to the daily RE program there are activities that the school integrates into their program. Students practice Christian meditation in a classroom setting on a regular basis. Project Compassion (Term 1), Mini Vinnies Pyjama Day (Term 2) and the Winter Appeal (Term 3) are opportunities to raise money for those people in our community and overseas that are in need.

Mission Week occurs in Term 4. Holy Name School learns about the work of Catholic Mission in underdeveloped countries. A fantastic effort is always made by the Holy Name School community on Mission Day. Children, their parents and friends this year raised approximately $2000 by running a variety of fundraising stalls. Holy Name students really know how to mission to each other.

The teachers at Holy Name are continually updating their Faith Accreditation through attending courses at Catholic Schools Office, locally in Parish Programs or as individually studying for Graduate Certificate in Religious Education, Master in Educational Leadership or Masters of Theology. Staff are nurtured through spiritual reflection and participate in Professional Development and Retreats organised for our school and/or all Manning schools.