The school’s Religious Education program is taught from K through to Year 6 and is coordinated by Genevieve Williamson, the REC Religious Education Coordinator with support from the RE and Spirituality Team at Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Schools Office.


Religious Education is a daily curriculum area taught from K to 6 using outcome based programs and assessment strategies used in all other subjects.

The school’s RE program is one collaborated by the Maitland/Newcastle CSO RE and is used in all Diocesan Schools. The units of work have been produced by teachers in the Maitland/Newcastle Diocesan schools. The K to 12 Syllabus is an outcome based document set in stages Early Stage 1 to Stage 6. 

The outcomes are arranged in stages according to the Four Strands:

  • Jesus and Scripture
  • History and Beliefs
  • Celebration and Prayer
  • Justice and Morality.